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Peripheral vision

Boost your focus by utilizing your peripheral vision. Create an immersive atmosphere by filling the environment with vivid colors based on the level of your hp, mana or cooldown of a specific skill amongst many others.


Concentrate your attention on the actual action. Be confident about your attributes without even looking at the in-game display.


Record the changes of various values during the game, with a millisecond resolution. Analyze and compare these data with others. Pinpoint weaknesses in your technique and improve.

Visual technology augmented.

It is not a new idea to extend the display somehow over the edge of the gaze, for the obvious reason that it is only a small portion of a humans field of view.

To fully utilize your vision you need to go further, and extend the screen of your regular display. However due to the physiological characteristics of the eye, there is absolutely no point in using regular high resolution technology.

We have taken this concept to the field of performance gaming, and combined it with a breathtaking design to get an innovative desktop auxiliary display. Apart from having an astoundingly aesthetical look. It can be used to display many things:

  • In-game data and its changes,
  • Audio visualization,
  • Ambient backlight,
  • Email/instant messenger notification,
  • Also a table lamp.
Pink Basilisk Life tower

Pink Basilisk Death tower

Make it happen! Be one of the first!

We are about to finish prototyping, and getting ready to bring Pink Basilisk to mass production. Back us on Indiegogo soon, and get some of the very first pieces ever made for super early bird price!

If you like the concept, the design and the idea and you would also like to get some of these beautiful pieces of art, please support us and let this product come to life.

We are eager to start mass production as soon and with as high volume as possible, because we would like to exploit the economy of scale in order to keep prices low and make this experience available to everyone.